Thursday, 26 March 2009

Yahoo vs Google

Yesterday I told you about the bookmarking by Yahoo. After that a friend mentioned that Google is also offering bookmark support and that made me to think about Yahoo and Google and their services.

I started to Yahoo very long time ago. My first email address was in the university, second one in Nokia and the third one in Yahoo. During that time it was not possible to read my university emails from Nokia office or from home and vice versa - I could not read my Nokia emails where ever. So I needed an email address that I could reach everywhere and Yahoo was the answer (the other option was Hotmail). Ever since that I've been using Yahoo for my private emails.

Then I found Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Photos (that was terminated when Yahoo bought Flickr), Yahoo's website builder Geocities and Yahoo's blogging service 360. I'm also using Yahoo's bookmarks and My Yahoo which is a portal where I can manage several Yahoo services (e.g. email, address book, calendar, weather, Flickr, news, notes, maps - even Facebook).

But Google was chasing after me. First my friends sent me invitations to Gmail and I created an account. Searching the emails works really well but still I was not tempted to start actually using the email - all my friends were using the Yahoo address and I was too lazy to inform them.

When the Yahoo Photos ended I moved part of my photos to Flickr but as you can show there only 200 pictures for free I took also Google's Picasa into use. It works like a dream too. (I'm going to talk you about the different photo services later.)

Then there started to be problems with 360 and most of my friends changed to Google's Blogger. I was loyal to Yahoo and kept waiting the blog change they have promised for 2 years now... I still have 2 blogs there but I have also 2 Blogger blogs and they work like a dream.

Google has a home page too, it's called IGoogle and I took mine into use today. The variety of themes was amazing (compared to Yahoo) and there was a lot of services too: bookmarks, maps, weather, Google Reader, Gmail, YouTube and Facebook.

So why do I still hang around with Yahoo? The main reason: because my emails are there. Maybe I should move to the next level and really compare these portals and choose the one that does the tricks for me...

There's also one interesting portal by Nokia: Ovi. There you have your contacts (easy to move them from your mobile phone), your calendar, maps, music, games, files, Flickr and my favorite: Share. I use Ovi for sharing my pictures and videos but have only tried the other features.

But hey, can I finally get the first real comment to this blog if I ask How do you choose which portal you are using and what are the killer applications for you?


  1. sounds really interesting...thumbs up for this...

  2. Hm, Manish, I think you are a spammer since I didn't understand your point here.

  3. Yes, I am in the same situation. And I swiched from Ovi and yahoo to google. Because of waves, voice (hope we in europe get it soon) mail, aso. google is just cool and I hope, they are fair with my privacy and with all the data they are getting from me.

    That is my only problem. What do you think about that?

  4. Thanks for commenting Sebastien. :) I am also little worried about how much I rely on Google. So far they have been fair but can you really trust any service... I am still using my Yahoo email but using all the time more and more Google´s services, including email.

  5. Thanks , Yes, I am in the same situation. And I swiched from Ovi and yahoo to google.


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