Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Cleaning your Facebook wall

I was the 28th person to look this video in Youtube - found it through Twitter's Retweet feature - it was retweeted 3 times and one of them was Mari who I follow. The way WOM works is just amazing, the video has been posted just recently. Anyway I liked the video, it showed how to remove stuff from your views.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Filtering status updates in Facebook

It happened last Thursday - Facebook introduced the feature I was waiting for a long time. I have nearly 200 friends in Facebook. They represent different groups:
-(ex) my colleagues
-my hobby friends
-my family & relatives
-my friends
-my school buddies

If I meet them in real life I share them different things. For others I tell more, for others less. For others I talk about my work, for others about my kids, for others about my hobb and for others about social media. I would not bore my mum telling her about the latest news in Twitter, I would not bore my old school buddies about telling my new dolls and so on. But until now that was the only option, I needed to share the same stuff with all of them and while they got bored I became tentative, mysterious and quiet. I wanted to share some news for part of the people but not with all.

So when the feature finally came I was so thrilled. :)

On Saturday I took the time and created groups. I have divided my friends into 3 groups based on how well I know them. I also have other groups, e.g. one for my foreign friends (now they don´t need to see my Finnish updates anymore), one for my dollhouse friends, one for my school buddies etc. I can filter the status updates only when I write them from pc (I use a lot of mobile FB) but anyway, I am so pleased now. This will change the way I use Facebook, I can now be more open and less boring.

Thank you FB team!

Wikipedia vs. Enterprise wiki

Wiki is still quite new term and often people think it is an abbreviation of wikipedia. Not true. Wiki comes from Hawaii - "wiki wiki" means fast.

In this video an Atlassian guy compares Wikipedia and Enterprise wiki, good work!

Confluence trailer

Oh, they made also a trailer :D. I like to use videos in my presentations (as well as blog entries as you have probably noticed) and I am so happy I found these. It will be nice to start a workshop with this video :).

Confluence featuring 24

Lol, this was amazing way to introduce the new cool Confluence features. :) Do you say wow now?

Office connector @ Confluence

This is one of the features in Confluence that make me say WOW. Have not used it myself yet but it looks impressive and I think it will help many users. E.g. moving old Word documents is so simple...

PS. The people in Atlassian wanted to make sure we got the message so they are showing us the same video twice in this clip. :D

Creating a space @ Confluence

I am learning a new wiki platform which means learning new terms also. In Confluence there are e.g. labels (tags) and spaces (sub wikis).

From this video you will see how easy it is to create a space.

In a wiki you can have several sub wikis (spaces) and from the wiki´s main page you can easily follow the modifications in all the spaces. Within a space there cannot be two wiki pages with a same name while there can be wiki pages with the same name in two or several different spaces in a wiki system.

A new blog(ger) @Ambientia

I have been working at Ambientia for a month now and to celebrate it I started blogging in Ambientia´s new blog. You will find my blog posts from here. And sorry for my foreign readers, I use only Finnish there, so I add a Google translation for you about the first entry. I am too lazy to update the links or to add the photo, check them from the link above.

An Ambient of the month

Hehe, I wonder what my new co-workers think about the title, but it is true: I have been working at Ambient for a month now... Before that I was working 11 years at Nokia. After such a long time it has been very refreshing to start in a new company - especially as I now work at the core business. Even if I changed companies there is a lot of familiar things too.

I work as a consultant at Social Solutions unit, whose main products are Atlassian´s Confluence and JIRA. Atlassian products can be purchased directly from them, but through us, the licenses are cheaper - and user support and customizations are in Finnish.

Confluence is a wiki platform. Three years ago I chose a wiki platform for my organization in Nokia and I have been a Mediawiki fan since then. My new boss Marko calls it a wiki for nerds which was a little provocative thing to say for me. But okay, granted, compared with Confluence it is certainly more challenging for beginners. Confluence is closer to the usual web sites, it is easier to create structures and, above all, it's easier to edit: if you can edit in Word, you can edit in Confluence.

A word about my hobby (if you google me you will find out it pretty soon): I started a dollhouse hobby 9 years ago. I did not know any of the practitioners, so I started following discussion boards. Through the hobby I learnt various Internet services, I shared my photos, set up a forum, website, blog, and, ultimately, the wiki. Three-year-old Nukkekotiwiki is very well known in Finland and this year it got an English sister. To promote the new Mini Treasures wiki I use social media tools: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

In hobby world technology is spreading faster than in companies. Maybe because people are usually so passionated about their hobbies and want to share them with others. Bringing social media tools into business world is challenging, because it does not mean only new tools but a new open way of working, it is a cultural revolution.

I brought my Nokia organization's internal communications not only wikis but also blogs. I hosted a popular blog called Hidden Treasure (and this blog is continuum for it). I was an admin and trainer, a web2.0 evangelist, but I also worked with agile software development. I was a product owner in a Scrum team and we managed our backlog in Trac. Trac and JIRA are both tools for managing tasks. JIRA is more versatile and, for example, and you can create metrics more easily. Ambientia is tailoring Jira according to customer requirements, e.g. by bringing the familiar terms and steps in it.

I am helping businesses to solve e.g. their communication problems, identify needs and implement exciting new operating environments. During the first month I have been in about twenty (!) client meetings and have seen many different use cases for Confluence and JIRA. I am also offering more common social media consultancy and training: I am giving dummy-friendly presentations a variety of the most common social media tools and I will tell about their use, technology and culture. So if you want to know more about e.g. Twitter, community management, challenges of the new open work culture, or how to used social media in job hunting, contact me.

You can find me in the following locations: Blogspot, Delicious, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Sometu.

Dear Saints (aka happy holidays)


Connecting Confluence & SharePoint

In the beginning of the video there´s a short intro about Atlassian, then a intro about what the SharePoint Connector for Confluence does.

Cornifying Confluence

Hahaa, this was so funny :D. Maybe it is time for me to add my first macro to our intranet...

Although it was funny it was also educative, the video shows how easily you can add macros and also how easy it is to use them.

Confluence Overview Video

This video e.g. compares collaboration in
1)documents shared via emails and

I usually compare emails with feeds.

Note also the list in the end of Confluence users. Quite impressive list, don´t you think?

Friday, 11 December 2009

Confluence Overview Video

I am teaching myself Atlassian´s wiki platform Confluence. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Lisää myyntiä sosiaalisella medialla

Eilen pidetyn seminaarin puhujat kommentoivat asiaa.

There was a seminar about how to make money with social media yesterday.