Wednesday, 16 May 2018

How did I become a storyteller in social media

One of the first things I did in so called social media was related to dollhouse miniatures. A funny hobby for an adult and my friends did not want to discuss about it as much as I wanted. So I joined discussion forums and eventually started our own forum, a community that still carries on. I had a web page for my hobby too and as soon as it was possible I opened a blog.

Dollhouse hobby is different for everyone: some are studying history while some are just collectors, some make their own dolls and some are interested about interior decoration and so on. For me the communities, collaboration and stories were very important parts of the hobby.

My life is pretty hectic right now so I don't have time for miniatures nor the miniature communities and sites I've built. But my backpack is still full of good experiences about the community building and management, even internationally. And I continue telling stories with a little pirate fellow.

Marika Paaso made a good comparison on Tiedottajarinki meeting this week:

Making a good impression online is like nude make-up:
it looks natural and nobody knows how much time is used for it.

People love hearing stories but to become a good storyteller you need to practice. Can anyone be a good storyteller then? Maybe not but here are some tips from I read from Psychology Today.

  • Set the context: who, what, why, where, and how. 
  • Avoid unimportant tangents: keep it short and simple 
  • Be aware of your audience: do not upset them, don't be offensive 
  • Be considerate of the people in your story: do not tell their secrets, respect their privacy

And more tips from Improve your social skills.

  • Hold Their Interest 
    • Start With A Hook 
    • Have A Point To The Story 
    • Choose The Right Time To Tell The Story 
    • Show, Don't Tell 
    • Use Vivid Details, Not Lots Of Facts 
    • Practice Related Skills 
  • Build A Connection 
    • Tell Personal Stories, But Cautiously 
    • Share Firsthand Thoughts & Feelings 
  • Provide A Satisfying Conclusion 
    • When You Get To The End, Stop 
    • Don't Forget To Pass The Spotlight