Monday, 16 March 2009

LinkedIn - what it is for me?

I showed you the video about LinkedIn. Now I'd like to add some other nice sides of the service:

1. It's always interesting to see who knows who. Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo has only 6 contacts in LinkedIn (Bill Gates has 5 and Jari Sarasvuo has 2). Anssi Vanjoki has 1 recommendation (he has recommended 3 persons) and 189 contacts and I have 18 colleagues who are connected to one of Anssi's colleagues. And there's only two persons between me and Obama according to LinkedIn...

2. LinkedIn shows very clearly who are the contacts that I and x shares. If I am looking for a job, I can see if the hiring person knows someone from my network and ask my contact e.g. if he/she would be a nice boss to work with ;). I have also been often very surprised to see how small the world really is: e.g. my Spanish friend knows my Russian colleague.

3. Speaking about jobs, there are also job ads in LinkedIn.

4. From LinkedIn you can easily follow where your old colleagues or class mates are currently working and you can see their email addresses from there.

5. Your turn: what is the feature that you like in LinkedIn?

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