Sunday, 22 March 2009

Blogs @ Common Craft

Yet another Common Craft video, this time about blogs:

I've watched that several times every now and then and still find very useful ideas from it. Until now I have used Blogilista to find the new blogs to follow since I've been interested about Finnish blogs and bloggers. Now that I'd like to start building a global blogosphere for me with blogs and followers from all over the world I need new tricks. The video recommended to search blogs from Google's blog search or Technorati. I added my blog to Google's blog search and also to Technorati by claiming it (sounds like a gold rush, does it? Well, I have a hidden treasure here ;). For that purpose I needed to add this code here:

Technorati Profile .

I hope I can get new readers from those search, so welcome :).

PS. I also started to follow Common Craft at Twitter.

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