Monday, 9 March 2009

Blogging and Blogilista

After 7 blog entries it's time to promote this blog to readers (I don't want to be one of those persons who put up a blog, writes the first entry, tells the world about it and then never go back). Starting a blog is easy, all you need is a name and idea about the topics you want to include (adding topics afterwards is easy too but it is good to think about this already from the beginning).

I started blogging 4 years ago and now I have several of them. For close friends and family I have blogs about my private life and sharing the pictures of kids (I don't want put our faces to Internet, not even to FACEbook). Then I have blogs about my hobbies (from public Share on Ovi photo-blog to semi-public Yahoo's 360 blog) and my work related blogs: Hidden treasure in Nokia's intranet and Hidden treasure 2.0 here.

Why do I have so many blogs? Because the audiences are different: my friends might not be interested about my hobbies, my colleagues might not like to watch my kids playing in the snow and only part of my hobby friends are carried away about web2.0. I also need to keep Nokia confidential information inside the company, that's not to be shared in Internet. So I can't tease my contacts by putting all fruits in the same basket - I let them to choose the apples and berries they find tasty. That's the nice thing about RSS feeds: the reader makes the decisions.

So where do I find the eaters for my juicy web2.0 stuff? As I come from Finland the obvious answer is Blogilista. I just added my blog there. In web20 category there were 11 blogs, in web2 64 (I need to check those blogs and start networking with the interesting ones). Blogilista is the place where you can find the blogs about the subject that you are interested, there is something for everyone, the variety is huge! You might use Blogilista as a feedreader service too.

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