Monday, 23 March 2009

Johanna @ YleX

So I was the follower #100 in YleX and because of that I was interviewed in their blog. For the readers who cannot understand Finnish, here is the translation:

Moi jjanhone! How does it feel to be our 100th follower?
Great - it's like being part of VIP team ;).

Tell about yourself?
I'm Johanna Janhonen and I worked in the sexy web2.0 field: I help my colleagues in Nokia to use social media tools in their work. But since Nokia is leaving from Jyväskylä (where I work), I'm looking for a job, greetings to the head hunters ;).

Any hobbies?
I've been lucky: I've combined my work and hobby, I use my spare time to find new cool stuff from the web. I keep a diary about my findings in my blog, see e.g. my Twitter hints and links.

What kind of music do you listen?
Quite boring answer but I'm omnivorous what it comes to music. I listen a lot of radio while driving and when ever I hear e.g. my teenage favorites I sing along (but let's keep this just between us;).

When did you joined Twitter?
9.3. - I am still a Twitter newbie. I had heard about Twitter earlier but only after the Yle's main news broadcast told that Twitter is hot also in Finland I needed to put my nose there too.

Why do you use Twitter?
Because of my work: I like to familiarize myself to social media phenomena. My friends are using Facebook for sharing their news and I don't believe they are moving to Twitter very soon. But while Facebook is private (you share your status updates only to people that you know) Twitter is a public media: I have found e.g. celebrities, communities and my Nokia collegues, it's very easy to follow them, even by using a mobile phone.

How did you find YleX from Twitter?
To get something out of Twitter you need something to follow and there are not that many Finnish sites in Twitter yet. I found out that my colleagues are following YLE News and I checked who else is following that. From that list I found some acquaintances and some new Yle sites, e.g. YleX and I happened to be the 100th follower :).

What kind of tweets you are expecting from YleX?
Ads about YleX happenings, competitions and web page updates, just like you have done so far. If there is a lot of inside humor the followers might go away but you need to include some fresness and fun in the tweets too. Tell e.g. about coming visitors and song premieres.

Thanks for this and nice that you are following us!
Thanks for the interview and good luck in occupying the new media. It's exciting to see how many followers you are getting now that you started to promote the service :).

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