Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Twitter: first experiences

After Facebook Twitter looks really messy.

See e.g. Martha's page - her updates and her answers to other Twitter users (comments begin with @) are shown in reversed chronological order and in order to follow the conversations you'd need to jump to the back and forth (and even if I did it, I didn't notice to which update she was referring).

When you move your cursor above the tweeties (I think that was the term for Twitter status updates?) they are highlighted in grey and there are two icons: with star you can mark your favorite tweeties and with arrow you can answer to them.

Normally the tweeties are public to everyone in Internet (see the latest tweeties by all Twitter users from here) but you can also choose to protect them by choosing the persons who are able to follow them. Once again you need to make decisions: what to share and whom to share.

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