Friday, 22 October 2010

Augmented reality by @commoncraft

I love the way Common Craft explains things. Augmented reality sounds difficult but it is not when they explain it :).

Twitter search by @commoncraft

I had not noticed this video before, good work again :).

RSS by @commoncraft

Another video about RSS. :)

Google reader by @CommonCraft

I thought I had had this video here before but could not find it. So find out how to use Google Reader.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Angry birds

I say to myself that I don't play games at all but sometimes I do. Last December I noticed that "everyone" in Twitter were talking about Angry Birds. After hearing the praises long enough I decided to check it and boy was I hooked. And so were my kids. The game is just brilliant - and a huge success too! So see this video from yesterday and learn more about my favorite game. It's coming to Facebook too so maybe I need to start playing in Facebook too - something I have intentionally avoided so far.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Nokia & social media

zzz - I should sleep by now but still one thing: great presentation by @jussipekka about Nokia's social media usage including case examples.

Partly the same slides in this Arto Joensuu's presentation.

But now, good night!

More Wikipedia videos

Oh how I enjoy seeing these videos. :) In July I participated Wikimania in Gdansk and there I met many of these great people volunteering for Wikipedia in real life :). After that I started to contribute more too. :)

Why Wikipedians are the Weirdest People on the Internet

Got this video link from @gpaumier and found it really entertaining. :)

See also video tuts