Thursday, 5 March 2009

Welcome to Hidden treasure 2.0

I have had a blog called Hidden treasure in Nokia's intranet over a year now. I decided to have a sister blog in Internet in order to reach a bigger audience. I would have liked to continue with the url "hiddentreasure" but that was not available in Blogger so I added "2" in the end: it means this is my second hidden treasure blog but in the same time it is refering to web2.0 which is the main topic of my blog.

What is web2.0 then? Well, you can look from wikipedia but my dummy description is this:

web2.0 is not anything new technically, the term refers to the social aspect of Internet - we can easily create things together using web2.0 tools like wikis, blogs or Facebook.


  1. Really nice Johanna - that you started this blog externally as well :-)

    I've been blogging outside and inside Nokia, about one year now... still there seems to be plenty to learn.

    Now I'm able to share your post also with friends all over the world:-)

    Looking forward your findings !

    - Minna

  2. Thanks Minna! Professional & public blogging is very new to me (I've been blogging about my hobby for 4 years) so there's a lot to learn from this side. I was checking your public blog, very impressive stuff!


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