Thursday, 29 September 2011

What the F8 Facebook Changes Mean for Marketers

Found this through @Rautasilta, thank you :).

The changes in Facebook are big and it is harder to get into fans´ stream than it use to be. It seems that Facebook hates automated content, e.g. via Twitterfeed. I don´t like it as I want to get all the content I have "ordered" by liking a page or by friending a person. Why can Facebook decide what they will show me? This is why I like Twitter more - I still see the content (e.g. news) I have ordered, not only content Twitter has been paid for. :P

Monday, 12 September 2011

Rethinking education

I need fruit for a thought for education professionals and remembered I had posted this video earlier. Two years ago that is. A long time in Internet. So I needed to find a newer and neater video and checked the channel where I found this: . If you know better videos about the subject, shoot me with a link will you? :)