Wednesday, 19 January 2011

10 Top Innovation Trends by 100 Innovators

Another slide set - about innovation trends.

Redweb Innovation 2010

My customers are interested in starting to use SlideShare for their slides so while I looked suitable content for them I found this from the top content. Redweb got an award for being an innovative company last year. So what did they do? Let them tell you:

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Social media & B2B - great videos

I first bump into this video which got me excited - this is just the right time to live in this world (we just need to resolve some big problems):

I wanted to see more and found this:

Which lead me to this brilliant video:

I just love YouTube!

Customizing the new FB profile

Found this via Sotku Oy - Schweppes has made a cool application for us to customize our profiles. Looks nice.

you need to get off facebook

As a social media professional I can't get off Facebook even if I wanted. But lately I have been removing a lot of so called friends (e.g. people who were not sharing with me or who I have never met IRL) and also unliked (fan) pages. Makes me feel good. :)

Ogilvy On: Social Media for B2B Companies

As said, I'm starting to research B2B companies using social media in innovation and while I do it I collect some stuff also here.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

SOITA - research is starting

I am now blogging more in Finnish than in English - it used to be the other way around. On Monday I how ever blogged about something I want to share in this blog too and to make a quick post I used Google translator to translate the text in English. So if this sounds weird, blage big G :).

My longtime dream has come true: I will continue my studies after ten years. I graduated from master's degree from the University of Tampere, majoring in statistics and even if I conducted a my studies pretty soon, I did not want to continue my studies then. A couple of years ago, during the Christmas holiday, I realized I wanted to do postgraduate studies relating social media tools.

Soon after I got more to think about, Nokia announced to leave the city of Jyväskylä and I began to focus on my new career, I jumped through Protomo to Ambientia and started a company of my own. In the background I was thinking about the studies and participated quite many seminars. E.g. last spring, the University of Jyväskylä organized a seminar about digital innovation which is the same subject I am now concentrating. I feel myself lucky to be able to decide how I use my time - and now half of my week goes to my new work at the university.

On Monday I started as a project manager in the Tampere University of Technology, Information Management and Logistics Department . Our project is called SOITA (social media as part of innovation process in customer interface). The project lasts two years and it focuses on B2B companies. Our our goals are not only to create companies good practices and encouraging examples but also disseminate them widely to Finnish organizations.

If you have something similar going on, do not hesitate to contact me, e.g. by johanna dot Janhonen at tut dot com.

Happy New Year! I do hope your dreams come true too:).

Finnish Facebook study

A Finnish city magazine called City-lehti made a Facebook study in the end of last year, here are some highlights from it. They got over 500 answers, 94% of them used Facebook, 65% were female and the median age was 28.

10% had fake their Facebook name,
4% had complained about their boss in facebook,
2% wanted to leave Facebook
68% had used fb when they had drunk - and 13% regrets it ;)

In Facebook profile
69% told their age
43% their education,
39% their favorite movie,
37% their spouse,
35% their job,
28% their favourite book,
23% their religion
20% their location
10% their political view and
7% home address

Who would they show their Facebook profile?
89% to their spouse
74% to colleagues,
72% parents,
45% grandparents,
44% boss

Female vs male comparision:
removed friends 86%(F) vs 49%(M),
blocked updates 52% (F) vs 43% (M),
found sex partner 9% (F) vs 13% (M)

It would be quite interesting to see if the results vary a lot from country to country :).