Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Social media figures

Yle is tweeting its news, but only in English. Interesting, what will be the next Finnish media to join Twitter?

The latest news was about Facebook: "While some employers are blocking employees from logging onto the social utility site Facebook during office hours, other companies are urging their marketing people to tap into the money-making potential social media holds."

Guess how many Finnish FB users there is? According to Yle: some 1.5 million Finnish users! Recently I read that 20% of Internet users in the world use Facebook, now I'd like to know how many Finns use Internet.

Some stats from Tietoviikko:

1. Qzone has 200 million users
2. Facebook has 175 million users
3. Microsoft Windows Live Spaces (blog network) has 126 million users
4. MySpace has over 100 million users.
5. Google's Orkut service has 67 million users.
6. LinkedIn has 36 million users.

Twitter mania is ongoing in States: they were 4 million people in the U.S. visiting the site in February while in January it was only 2.6 million.

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