Friday, 17 July 2009

Buying and recommending products using Social media

I saw a video called Blank in Youtube. First it felt funny because of the example used: to buy a Blank or a Blank but actually it was a good example: you can choose the brands yourself - Coke vs Pepsi, Toyota vs Mercedes, Nokia vs Iphone...

So how is buying decision done? You search for information from Internet and from your friends. And when you are using the product you start talking about it in different forums in Internet and also in real life as an advocate.

At the moment I´m talking about different amusement parks in Facebook. First I studied a theme park´s home page and then asked my 150+ contacts if they are recommending it. I trust more to them than the official truth by the seller and in few minutes I got answers. And when a friend is reporting that they have visited a park I´m asking for comments - was it worth the investment?

This is the way people are making the decisions nowadays - with help of social media. Would you like me to help in reaching your advocates? If so, you can find me e.g. from LinkedIn - with 33 thumbs up :).

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