Monday, 6 July 2009

Blog terminology

I read a book by Janne Matikainen: "Verkko Kasvattajana" (2008). In the end of the book there´s a term bank which was quite interesting. I now share the blog terms:

-Blog, a web log, is a web page containing topical content, old entries stay unchanged, there can be one or more bloggers and usually people can comment the blogs.

-Audience blog is hosted in a blog portal provided by a media company to be used by its audience or readers.

-Citizen blog is a blog hosted by someone who wants to affect to the society

-Clog, a corporate blog, is a marketing blog hosted by a company

-Community blog, a web environment where users add content (discussions, pictures, links, videos, music) and communicate in many ways. E.g. MySpace, Facebook and IRC-Galleria belong to this class.

-Flog, a fake blog, is an anonymous marketing blog hosted by a company

-Journalist blog is a blog hosted by a professional journalist published either in a media page or else where. It contains more topical than personal content.

-Media blog is hosted by media, it is concentrated to themes like occasions, opinions, comments or tests. It is controlled by the editor staff and is a part of the other web content the media company is providing.

-Microblog is a web service to which you can send messages from e.g. a mobile phone, www page or messenger. The entries are typically short and very often the location is shared. (Twitter is the most known microblog at the moment but also Facebook contains microblogging services. Finnish Jaiku and Qaiku are also microblog services.)

-Moblog, a blog updated via a mobile phone. (My very first blog started 4 years ago was a moblog - it made it possible to post about anything on the go - I didn´t need to wait until I was home. Moblog is good for e.g. photo blogs and microblogs but when ever you write a long entry with lot of links it might be easier to use a pc for blogging.)

I checked also Wikipedia´s Blog terms page and some additions from it:

-Audioblog, a blog where the posts consist mainly of voice recordings sent by mobile phone, sometimes with some short text message added for metadata purposes. (cf. podcasting)

-Blawg, a law blog.

-JukeBlog, a music blog of tracks from a specific genre or theme.

-Milblog, is a military blog while Warblog is blogging about war

-Mommy blog, a blog featuring discussions especially about home and family.

-Multiblog, a blog constructed as a conversation between more than two people.

-Phlog, photoblog, contains mainly photos

-Spam blog, a blog which is composed of spam, "doesn't add any written value."

-Vlog, a video blog, is hosted by a vlogger, a video blogger

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