Monday, 21 September 2009

Protomo and Somenta

Busy day in my blog, already third entry. I have also been busy lately - I started in Protomo in the beginning of this month. What is that then?
Protomo™ on on uusi suomalainen innovaatioapparaatti, joka luo osaamisen uusia yhdistelmiä ja synnyttää työpaikkoja yritteliäille osaajille.

I.e. Protomo is a new Finnish innovation apparatus which is generating new know-how combinations and is proviking positions for entrepreneurial experts.

At the moment Protomo´s working mode is piloted only in Jyväskylä but it will spread to other cities next year. In practice Protomo is offering us e.g. office space, tools, and trainings until the end of this year. It is a great place to start a company or just test one´s business idea.

I belong to a team called Somenta ("Some" comes from SOcial MEdia of course). Besides the obvious social media trainings and consultancy we are also offering marketing services (it is still early to tell about our plans in details) but if you will learn more later...

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