Friday, 25 September 2009

Growyn - eco-friendly search engine from Sweden

I just heard about Growyn and made some searches. Google generated links while Youtube and SlideShare did not find anything. In Twitter they have now 8 followers (including me) while in Facebook they have 2848 fans.

But what is it then? Let them tell themselves:
Growyn is an eco-friendly search engine, promoting environmental awareness and funding community level sustainability projects.

Growyn is a search engine just like Google, MSN and Yahoo! but with one big difference - we donate all our profit to support the environment. We believe that everyone wants to contribute to a sustainable future but for most of us, daily routines come in the way of a proactive commitment.

Growyn enables you to help save the environment by simply using our search engine!
Every time you search the web through Growyn, money is generated to our projects.

Interesting project, good luck to you Kurdi&David. How about adding a Youtube video to spread the word also there? :)

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