Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Social media around the world 2011

Found an interesting report from last year about the social media usage around the world and especially in Europe. Looking at the figures we have no reason to be proud of our usage...

Some points from the report.
  •  98% of Europeans are aware of social media and 73% belong to at least one social network (on average they belong to 1.9 networks while 50% belong to only one, normally Facebook) while in Brazil 86% belong to networks (on average 3.1 networks). The southern Europeans are the most active in social media (maybe they are the most social Europeans in real life too?)
  • 44% of respondents wanted to take part in co-creation of products and advertising
  • 2/3 of employees are proud of their employer - but only 18% of them are talking about their employer in social media. Maybe because 2/3 European employees have limited access to their social media at work (the northern Europeans can access their social services more than the other Europeans).
  • Also 60 % of employees would like to get help from their employer about the social media usage, only 25% had a written social media policy in their company and only 13% had been given a social media training
  • we use more and more web through our mobile devices, but only 12% of mobile users use location based services and only 4% are aware of augmented reality

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