Monday, 29 October 2012

Tassilo Pellegrini about the communities of the future

Tassilo Pellegrini who I met in MindTrek this year gave me an interview about communities of the future. I had an interesting talk with him on the MindTrek party. He told me e.g. about his popular course in St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. It starts from a situation where no Internet exists anymore and the people need to rethink how communities can communicate without it. He told that some of his young students just cannot imagine a life without net while some are very creative in thinking new ways. When the way of communication is planned it can be moved to net too. Interesting idea and something we really should think about... There might be times when we need to survive without electricity. And we do not need to go very far, that was the situation in Finland a year ago after Christmas when some homes lacked electricity for weeks...

The purpose of this video is to promote Community Manager Appreciation Day which is held in Tampere on 28 January 2012 for the second time.

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