Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Sharing a wedding in web2.0 way

Last Saturday there was a wedding in my family. The wedding was beutiful (as well as the couple) and very well organized but still I was surprised by the way they wanted to share the photos after the wedding.

Now that everybody has digital cameras they could easily email them to the couple or burn them to a cd. Or they could upload them to their own photo services and send the link to the couple. But does this really sound easy?

They chose better way: they set up a secured server and printed instructions to the guests: this is the url, here´s the account details, choose upload and go. WOW. Just wow.

-Now I can see all the pictures uploaded (by people I don´t even know)
-I can choose the best pictures to be printed to my album (instead of my own)
-I can tag or comment the photos and
-I can order RSS feed to see the new pictures :)

No wonder the service they used has got a web2.0 award: check Zenphoto for yourself when there´s a big party near you. :)

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