Tuesday, 2 June 2009

360 is ending - where to go?

Yahoo has finally closing its blogging service 360 after 2 years of the first warning. It is suggesting to use the blog in Yahoo's Profile service instead. Oh my. I haven't seen anyone using that blog publicly but my friend moved her posts there and the user experience was very poor (e.g. no tags, no monthly archives, no themes, hard to navigate, hard to follow). The profile page seemed to me like a Facebook undressed. All in all this makes my really sad - I have been a Yahoo fan for a long time and now they keep pushing me away. First they closed the photo service, then Geocities and now 360.

Another option Yahoo is offering is taking your content and moving it to a new service. That's what I have been trying to do today but it seems that Blogger is not capable of importing the stuff (a txt file and a lot of pictures were what was exported from 360). Would WordPress work better as that is what is recommended there?

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