Wednesday, 1 April 2009

AdSense -easy money?

I just need to try this - can I make easy money with AdSense. Here are instructions how you add it to your blog. For my Finnish readers I recommend Mikko's Rahasta blog, he tells there e.g. useful stuff about AdSense. Check also AdSense policies in English or in Finnish

People normally hate ads but since they should be optimized for my blog you might see some links that are really interesting. If e.g. ten of you click an ad, they will pay me something like a buck. Yey - I'll be rich ;). Or maybe not but at least there's no harm done if I try out.

The problem with money making is that the regular readers won't come to my page, they follow the feeds with a feed reader. I noticed that you can add ads to feeds too, here are the instructions for that.


  1. If you want to earn, you need to optimize the content of the blog and think who reads the blog and where he/she is located.

    No so easy but fun!

  2. True Tero, it's interesting but not easy.


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