Monday 24 July 2023

Wikipedia comes to ChatGPT!

By ChatGPT - Own work, Public Domain,
We've learnt that AI is using Wikipedia information even though it is not disclosing it (linking back to Wikipedia). 

Wikimedia has recently developed a dedicated plugin (in beta phase) for ChatGPT, which users of the paid version can use.

It retrieves its information from different language Wikipedias and also links to the articles it uses.

With the plugin, the AI is likely to
a) be less hallucinatory
b) provide up-to-date information, as Wikipedia is constantly being updated

As a non-English Wikipedia editor I find it very interesting that if a lot of people would start to adopt only Wikipedia based AI models in large numbers, that could reduce the importance of the English Wikipedia which is now the most important Wikipedia of all. 

Last week I learnt from New York Times that the active editors in English Wikipedia are male (80 percent of them). From the editors based in US 75 percent are white. 

Already now AI is using information from all languages which is giving more visibility to non-English content. I salute this as it gives us a broader view of things. 

Since we have learned that Wikimedia content is easily accessible and free, I think this AI bot should also be brought to Wikimedia's own platforms. Perhaps that day is yet to come.

Meanwhile I will keep an eye on the situation!

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