Monday, 8 August 2011

Again @Facebook changes - for worse that is

I hate when Facebook keeps changing, it seems that it is always for worse. During the past few days I noticed 2 changes:

1. I had sent a friend request (by accident, I did not know her) to someone. Now I see in my stream that she has got new friends. I am not accepting all friends and I truly hate if those people I am not accepting will get notifications that I am friending X and Y but not them. I am not sharing my friends in public, why should I share it to people I do not want to friend?

2. I used to see what my friends are writing to walls of Facebook pages I like too. Now I see what they write to other pages too which is irritating me. I am not interested of them! If I would, I would like the same pages they are! And there´s no way to unfollow those notifications!

Blah. Would be really surprised if someone from Facebook would answer me or even better, remove these features.


  1. I think those features have been there for quite some time. I've followed up a "friend" that way at least a year. Seeing who she takes as friends and which pages she likes. And the worst part is that I can not undo the friend request.

  2. Good to know :). But I have some good news for you: you CAN undo a friend request! Just go to her profile and you´ll find the option cancel the friend request there.


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