Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Finnish Facebook study

A Finnish city magazine called City-lehti made a Facebook study in the end of last year, here are some highlights from it. They got over 500 answers, 94% of them used Facebook, 65% were female and the median age was 28.

10% had fake their Facebook name,
4% had complained about their boss in facebook,
2% wanted to leave Facebook
68% had used fb when they had drunk - and 13% regrets it ;)

In Facebook profile
69% told their age
43% their education,
39% their favorite movie,
37% their spouse,
35% their job,
28% their favourite book,
23% their religion
20% their location
10% their political view and
7% home address

Who would they show their Facebook profile?
89% to their spouse
74% to colleagues,
72% parents,
45% grandparents,
44% boss

Female vs male comparision:
removed friends 86%(F) vs 49%(M),
blocked updates 52% (F) vs 43% (M),
found sex partner 9% (F) vs 13% (M)

It would be quite interesting to see if the results vary a lot from country to country :).

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