Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Filtering status updates in Facebook

It happened last Thursday - Facebook introduced the feature I was waiting for a long time. I have nearly 200 friends in Facebook. They represent different groups:
-(ex) my colleagues
-my hobby friends
-my family & relatives
-my friends
-my school buddies

If I meet them in real life I share them different things. For others I tell more, for others less. For others I talk about my work, for others about my kids, for others about my hobb and for others about social media. I would not bore my mum telling her about the latest news in Twitter, I would not bore my old school buddies about telling my new dolls and so on. But until now that was the only option, I needed to share the same stuff with all of them and while they got bored I became tentative, mysterious and quiet. I wanted to share some news for part of the people but not with all.

So when the feature finally came I was so thrilled. :)

On Saturday I took the time and created groups. I have divided my friends into 3 groups based on how well I know them. I also have other groups, e.g. one for my foreign friends (now they don´t need to see my Finnish updates anymore), one for my dollhouse friends, one for my school buddies etc. I can filter the status updates only when I write them from pc (I use a lot of mobile FB) but anyway, I am so pleased now. This will change the way I use Facebook, I can now be more open and less boring.

Thank you FB team!

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