Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Building a community @ Web2.0 seminar

I'm still alive even though the blogs has been quite quiet...

So what's up?

First of all I've been working with my wiki (Mini treasures wiki) which is the one and only dollhouse wiki in English (okay okay, there's one other but it is about a television program not about our hobby). I haven't sort of published it yet, only told to some friends but the word has spread and I keep getting hits from all over the world which is nice of course. But before announcing it officially I need more content and more contributors which is a tough job - starting a community from scratch.

That was a reason I participated Inforte Web2.0 seminar last week. The theme of the seminar was How to build a successful online community? The aim of the seminar was to present recent advances from research organizations and companies related to the area of Web 2.0 and social media. A special focus of the seminar was on developing successful online communities and promoting user participation and content creation.

Martin Reed, Community Strategist,
Anne Kaikkonen, Nokia
Maria Antikainen, VTT
Saila Ovaska and Juha Leino, University of Tampere
Peter Peltonen, Helsinki Institute of Information Technology (HIIT)
Lassi Kurkijärvi, Helsingin Sanomat

I really enjoyed the presentations and got very good ideas, also from the audience - thank you all, you inspired me.

I also kept my first "Social media @ work" training for Lappeenranta Technical University in the end of last month (in Lahti) and I will continue with this training among my colleagues in Nokia Jyväskylä during the coming weeks.

This is the training ad:

Social media @ work (3 hours)

Social media (or web2.0) is a hot topic. Web2.0 services are used more and more for the communication outside the office but how should it be used in the office? What are the benefits and challenges? The training introduces some of the services and gives ideas for the usage.

- Communities
- Net generation’s way of working
- Collaboration principles
- Social media @ IBM
- Social media @ Nokia (Wikis, Blogs, RSS, RSS Readers)
- Other social media services (MashUps, Microblogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Deliciuos, Second Life)

If you are interested just contact me! :)


  1. Hi Johanna - related to communities I recommend you to look into, and their discussions - There is a special section for people to give their comments & suggestions. Developers, especially Eero, reply rather quickly, and they introduce new value adding features based on comments regularly ... they even arranged a virtual little Xmas event for members ...

    All the best,

  2. This Jeanne's presentation gives a good overview to Web 2.0 practices by IBM -



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